Wil Schmitz

With over 15 years of experience in digital creativity, I provide, based on your directions, the design, functionality and construction of your business website and/or web store. In addition, I also offer support when it comes to, for example, creating, posting and managing your content and/or designing your logo/corporate identity and realising your printed matter.

I have had an education in Commercial economics & Commercial management. Since 1996 I have been working successively as a market researcher, sales representative, telemarketer, account manager administrative education secondment, account manager internet services, CEO Human resource Management agency and CEO of a Software agency (software employment agency).

In the intervening periods I founded my agency and since the beginning of 2011 I have been focused on my passion, designing, building and managing websites, web stores, designing & taking care of business professional printing. In addition, I have followed an online training for Ethical Hacking with which I have increased my knowledge about data security in a web environment.