Great Alternative Stores

Their own description of the services rendered to our new online venture listed ‘organising, designing and creating posts for social media, daily posting to Facebook and Instagram including My Story, weekly postings to Twitter and analysis’ to demonstrate this market effectiveness.

They did much more. Their initiative opened up the whole media sector to us and in the process, educated and guided our future course in this important marketing sector.

Tangible results were obvious. Nearly 50% enquiries from the USA when we discovered a glitch in the dispatch software. Result after the fix was our first orders from New York.

In Dubai, our online reputation was reinforced with particular reference to ASSIST encouragement in ‘Blog’ writing and the consequent media exposure and the perception of our company was enhanced to the level that a major wholesale customer is now engaged and awaiting supply when the Coved emergency is over.

I cannot recommend them more strongly for their insight, reliability, ability in a range of administrative fields and their enthusiasm on behalf of their clients.

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