Geraldine van Rijs

Geraldine Van Rijs offers services in the field of interior design, renovation, layout advice and home staging. She is an interior designer with more than 25 years of experience and has realized and supervised several interior projects in the Netherlands.

Her training as a construction drawer, followed by studies at the Academy of Fine Arts and many years of professional experience in architectural offices, have made her an experienced designer with a broad vision of design and interior architecture.

The words that describe her philosophy are “creative, conceptual, surprising but functional and pragmatic, passionate about design and materials, attention to detail”.

Geraldine can also support you if you are changing windows to double glazing, a Velux window in the roof, changing the use of an outbuilding, garden shed or covered terrace, or an extension to your home in the adjoining barn, Geraldine can submit a “declaration of works” at your local town hall. All of this requires supporting documents and drawings, and Geraldine will guide you through the process, prepare the necessary drawings and photos, fill in the forms and liaise and communicate with the local council to get your application approved.

Geraldine van Rijs EI Siren 911 602 076