Annabelle Surch-Williams

Annabelle has been speaking French since the age of 7 when she was put on an Air France plane with a little neck label on (a bit like Paddington Bear!) to see a French family she had met on holiday with her parents.

She has spent time in France year in, year out, and, after having studied for her bachelor’s and master’s Degree, she worked as a specialist recruitment consultant, a career spanning 27 years.

Annabelle has a background in competitive sports (swimming and synchronised swimming) and coached at national level in both the UK and France as well as working for a Paris-based organisation accompanying professional sports teams for major competitions across Rugby, Swimming and Football.

When Annabelle made the decision to completely immerse herself in the French lifestyle, herself and her husband moved to France permanently just under two years ago and they have never looked back.  As well as having a charming chambre d’hôtes and gite, Annabelle is embarking on her true passion which is her ability to add value to others in terms of being blessed with fluent French and a real appreciation for France.

Annabelle will be helping Assist clients with in-person interpretation and handholding support with French administration.  Annabelle and Assist are currently in the process of developing an exciting new offer which will support non-French speaking people moving to France post Brexit, work their ways towards achieving their A1 language skills as part of the residency process.   Watch this space!

Annabelle says ‘I am hugely excited about this new adventure and look forward to adding value to plenty of lovely people across France’.

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