If you go into Canva we have added lots of images we like for the style of the website. We’ve put them in a folder marked website cleverly!!


On Canva we have done the rubbish mock up below using our palette – this image shows our claret, rose, white, taupe and mocha elements.

We would like to balance it far more – the rose colour is not our favourite, but it finding a balance between them all as such, your expert eye can find them for us we am sure.

If you log into Canva – you can see this palette and our logo, we will attach logo at the bottom of this email also for your reference.

Canva log in –
PW – NoaLou37


This is a FB post we have done with the colours again

Website design
Here are 3 images which we think are a good representative of what we are looking for in terms of our style
They are clean and we are open to flexibility and the use of similar styles and organisation.
Professional, crisp, simple as such and a mix of them all – especially not overly masculine. We are open to suggestions, we like the idea of plants that soften the corporate image, most of these photos have coffee cups etc, but that is not an essential at all.
Website content

We have sent you through some content but we don’t feel it all needs to be in there as a copy and paste, so for example the pricing structure – taking your advice – do you feel that we just need to offer an outline with Bronze, Silver… etc –  rather than all the nitty-gritty as this is listed on the Services page in detail

Attached is the services page content in Word to be added

–> diensten

We are going to collate together a starting point for the testimonials page
GDPR, data and privacy

We are looking into getting these together and every example we find is overly complex and wordy. Do you have a recommendation of a site to look at or a template to make reasonably simple T&C’s etc?

Order form

We have used Canva to create an order form, but this is a PDF one and I can use Foxit to type into it, but not everyone will be able to fill text – can something like this be added to the website – or are we better off sticking to a plain – contact us form?

We think that the ideal would be for clients to contact us for pricing and then when they complete the order form it becomes our contract with them as well?

Contact Us Page

Upon reflection we think email and mobile numbers can stay on this page, but not our addresses. Obviously we will need to add new email addresses etc


About and pricing page

Here are Word copies of our About Us and Pricing page login gegevens
PW Brooklands17 –> login
Assist logos
Voorstel van 30 nov 2020
I thought about it, how i can help.
Want to do the same as Steve J does for me and that is an friendly price for friends.
20 euro an hour exclusive VAT, or needed. Maybe not. Tax rules applied. website, fuck
Domainname: i think 5 to 12 euros a year
5 e-mail addresses on your domainname for free with hosting.
hosting: 6 euros exclusive 21% vat a month
No profit for me
I install the website, select some themes.
Install some plugins.
Take you by the hand in working with it.
Give you advice, and teach tricks
After a few weeks, you do not need me any more and you build magic.
Payment of invoice: when you want and have earned some cash.
Payment within year 2021
I have added you as admin control of the website – an invitation has been sent, I am not sure if you
will need a username or p/w – please let me know if you do?
The content is very basic at the moment as I am filling in pages – we will be adding two more pages I
think – Testimonials and collaborators. At the moment I am at basic fill in of information in order to
organise the active pages.
The two areas causing me the most problems are changing the CSS coding for the “main menu” bar,
the template has a basic setting, in preview when I inspect the CSS code, I can change to the colour
preference perfectly, however, I am not given the option of “saving” the changes and the minute I exit
the CSS coding area I end up with the original wordpress template colour code.
The colour code I am using is a deep claret red:
This matched the logo etc
The second issue for me is the lack of “fill” for the page when it is desktop viewer – in phone and
tablet, it fills the screen and looks good, however in desktop format it seems to slimline down the
middle of the screen. I have not done any searches on this yet to find out ways to modify this, and it
may be that I have a very large screen so it is adjusting accordingly.
This is my first ever website build, and I chose wordpress as I am confident with the dashboard having
used it for many clients before, but having never started from scratch I am solving problems as I go.
Looking forward to hearing your advice and a quote for assistance – have a good evening