Client Profile: Tracey and Martha et Muffin

Who is Tracey? Tracey is a passionate artisan who has a deep love for creating handmade, natural soaps and now bath bombs! She is a talented soap maker with a strong desire to share her craft with the world. Her journey began with a hobby she adored, but she lacked the knowledge and skills to market herself effectively in the digital age.

What Does She Do? Tracey is the creative force behind “Martha et Muffin,” a brand that specializes in crafting beautifully handcrafted soaps. She takes pride in using only the finest ingredients, ensuring that each bar is a piece of art that also nourishes the skin. Her soaps are a reflection of her commitment to quality and sustainability.

Passions and Ideas: Tracey’s passion lies in creating unique and natural soap products that not only cleanse but also pamper the skin. She envisions her soaps becoming a part of people’s daily self-care routines. Tracey believes in the beauty of simplicity and the power of natural ingredients. She dreamed of sharing this philosophy with a broader audience.

How We Helped: As experienced virtual assistants specializing in small business support, we embarked on a journey with Tracey to bring her vision to life. Here’s how we supported her:

  1. Social Media Strategy: We started by introducing Tracey to the world of social media. We crafted a tailored social media strategy to showcase her products and tell her unique brand story. This included creating visually appealing posts, engaging with the audience, and building an online presence that resonated with her values.
  2. Webshop Development: Knowing that a strong online presence is essential, our associate  designed and developed a user-friendly webshop for Martha et Muffin. The webshop not only showcased Tracey’s products but also communicates her brand’s story and mission effectively.
  3. Content Creation: We produced high-quality content, including product descriptions, and visual content, to educate and engage her audience. We highlighted the benefits of her handmade, natural soaps and the eco-conscious approach behind the brand.
  4. Customer Support: We helped Tracey to keep her clients informed by designing and creating detail product labelling to ensure a seamless customer experience.

Results: Through our dedicated efforts and collaboration, Martha et Muffin has seen remarkable growth:

  • Tracey’s social media presence has grown significantly, with a growing community of loyal customers and soap enthusiasts.
  • The webshop has become a hub for customers to explore and purchase her products, leading to increased online sales.
  • Martha et Muffin is no longer a small batch production; it has expanded its reach and is now catering to a broader customer base.
  • Tracey’s brand has gained recognition and trust, aligning with her vision of sharing the benefits of natural, handmade soaps with the world.

In this transformative journey, we have assisted Tracey in turning her passion into a thriving online business, achieving her dream of sharing the simplicity and luxury of natural soaps with a wider audience.

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